Stay Current

The newest version of WebAnalyser is on its way to show up!

Meaningful Business Data

Measure and manage your Key Performance Indicators.
WebAnalyser.NET (WA) gathers accurate, in-depth information related to all your digital traffics and converts it to Meaningful Business Data.

Digital Analytics at a Glance

Track & Analyse in Real Time

Understand your audience

Transform insights into action

Capitalise your efforts

Real Time Actionable Data

Having WebAnlyser.NET on your side, you'll be able to experience a real understanding of your customers, while spending less time and making the right moves.

OmniChannel Measurement

Measure and manage your data in a unified or segmented view, across the web, mobile and social media.

Always Real-time Data

Respond instantly and capture prospects, monitor campaigns and fix problems.

Multi-Platform Mobile

Optimised for iOS, Android and Windows mobile app, including both, hybrid and native developments.


Use breakdowns and segment comparisons to evaluate the performance of your content, products, and more.

Marketing Intelligence

Stay current, target your marketing efforts and improve your conversion goals.

Ad hoc Analysis

Drill deeper into your data and find new opportunities and connect your insights to results.

A/B Testing

Create better users' digital experience that drives to actions, important marketing as well as gains valuable practices for your business in general.

Data Exports & Visualisations

Create and export individual reports with interactive visualisation showing the relationship between the data and easy-to-perceive graphics.

Role-based Administration

Control and secure your business data. Use restrictions on both, personal and group levels. Facilitate the users to their specific needs only.


Use data to get the best of your business!

Digital Marketing Expert

Live and breathe in ROI analysis and KPI reporting.
Develop and measure your online marketing strategies on-the-fly. Use Business Goal setups and KPI Alignments while monitoring your progress in real-time and taking necessary actions to improve. Discover and concentrate on the most useful tool sets, channels and marketing automations to get the most of your potential.

SEM Expert

Execute tests, collect and analyse data, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in organic and paidsearch campaigns. Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimisation. Collaborate across the organisation and recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for the targeted keywords.


Get to know which content inspires action. Take the guesswork out of your digital presence! Make your content more customers centric as analysing it using all data related to engagement metrics and find our what's working best. Use robust multivariate testing in real-time and optimize your customers’ digital experiences across channels, devices and business units.

Product Manager

Find the hot button that stimulates your visitor's interest, and create greater value proposition! Translate business objectives set by Marketing or Sales into engineering requirements. Maximise sales revenues, market share, and profit margins. Determine and manage your product's life cycle as it moves through its succession of stages and act timely-in due of the course.

eCommerce Sales Manager

Convert, Return and Retain!
Manage efficiently the implementation of the online merchandising strategies. Use segmentation to drive improvements in sales conversion. Translate the data to increase your customer acquisition, retention and up/cross-sales. Track and Evaluate your client behaviour and identify opportunities for new marketing tactics, site-conversion functionality and improved user experiences.

UI/UX Architect

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by efficiently completing the usability check, make it all friendly and ease of use. Deliver to your users the pleasure provided in the interaction. Create an actual marketing persona using accurate information that completes your target profile, and build the ultimate IA. Prototype following audience respond and test in real time, while also defining the best time for changes implementation.

Accurate Data Fuels Business Results

You have a business to run, and you need a powerful analytics you can depend on to reach your goals and go further and beyond.


Increase Your Distribution Potential and Gain the Bigger Revenue!

Analyse and discover your more compelling products. Find out where are the genuine opportunities for cross-selling / up-selling.

Improve the conversion rates of critical lead generation activities and optimize your check out process.

Use RFM model and visitor clustering for better understanding of your most valuable prospects behavior.

Analyse your sales cycle with Time-To-Convert and Visits-To-Convert reports.

Set Search Engines priorities while filtering most qualified traffic. Get insights of search criteria performance and improve your Meta tags and listings descriptions.

Define the most efficient channels and advertising campaigns. Create a cost-effective models while monitoring the cost-per-lead and the ROI ratios.


Enlarge the audience, providing engaging content and high level of interest. Keep visitors to stay longer and get back more frequently.

Track the page depth, visit depth and bounce rate using Content Analysis Reports.

Follow the Path Analyses and optimise website’s Information Architecture

Use Audience Segmentations to understand your most profitable customers’ behavior.

Make it easy to package and sell your ad inventory. Provide your partners and advertisers with detailed information.

Get into the current trends, see what’s happening in real-time and make adjustments fast.

Get a snapshot of all important KPIs progress against set goals

Lead Generation

Understand Your Prospect Needs Better and Increase the Conversion Rate

Improve the conversion rates of critical lead generation activities.

Optimize your lead generation process by following step-by-step key processes like feedback frequency, E-mail response, SEM activities, onsite promotions etc.

Use RFM model and visitor clustering for better understanding of your most valuable prospects behavior.


Make Better Strategic Decisions and Take the Most of Your Potential!

Identify and target the most meaningful content segments and work over usability.

Get to know better your users needs, behavior and preferences, then provide more engaging content to rich higher level of interest.

Achieve your business goals and optimize you desired actions and conversion processes by following users step-by-step.

Mobile App

Optimise Your App Experience and Benefit On It!

Monitor in-app actions and gain insight from how the different groups vary in their usage and behaviour.

Measure user churn rate and discover new retention techniques. Get to know the returning users to assess your business' vitality.

Measure and manage all critical KPIs to stay current, enhance and improve your business model.